The ideal event entertainment shouldn’t just entertain — it should energize! That's the driving idea behind Aaron's performances. Aaron's magic isn’t something your guests just watch; they participate. The magic happens to them — under their noses and in their hands.

Aaron's magic is elegant and witty, even impish. It makes people laugh and jab their neighbors: "Can you believe that?!"

It gives your audience the real sense that anything can happen. And isn't that what great events are all about?

It's one thing to witness something impossible. It's quite another to have something impossible happen to you. Watch as your guests delight in experiencing Aaron's miracles, right before their very eyes. It's fun, it’s amazing, it's a memory that will last forever.

As emcee, Aaron's charismatic personality and amazing abilities are focused on one thing: making sure that your guests are the true stars of the evening. It's a powerful experience that will have your audiences buzzing for weeks and months afterward.