Whether you're hosting a corporate meeting, a special event, or a private party, no two functions are exactly alike. To create a unique entertainment approach, Aaron considers a wide variety of factors — from the conditions of the venue to your event objective to your corporate culture — all designed to exceed your wildest expectations.

And whether you need close-up magic at an event station, strolling magic for small groups, or a large-scale stage show with a built-in emcee, Aaron provides it all, wrapped up in a funny, politically correct package. Including, if desired, a custom-designed combination of all three performing styles, to suit your needs. The result is an evening of fun and astonishment that will be remembered by your guests for a very long time to come.

A table. A deck of cards. And a warm, welcoming smile from the young man with the sparkle in his eye. Fun is about to happen. Magic is afoot.

At Aaron's Table, close-up miracles take center stage, right before people's eyes. A woman shuffles the deck, and stares in total disbelief as four aces leap out of the pack moments later. A gentleman merely thinks of a card, only to see it rise from the pack — while he is holding it! And that's just the beginning. Blackjack. Poker. It's a nonstop party, where everyone's a winner.

  • Formal presentation of powerful, intimate magic
  • Ideal for small groups and hospitality stations
  • A series of 15,- 20-, or 30-minute shows; can run for hours
  • Can be precisely timed for your event agenda
  • At a dinner table or at a special table, such as for blackjack or poker
  • Great for casino events
  • Honors your function

You're casually chatting with some of your guests when all of a sudden a roar of laughter from the other side of the room makes everyone stop and look up. What's happening? What has made everyone cry out with delight? There… through a gap in the crowd you see Aaron, at the center of the group. He's been strolling around the room, bringing brain-busting, interactive magic to small groups of astonished people. Your guests look at you: "Can you get him to come here next?"

  • Intimate miracles, brought to your guests
  • Casual, friendly, and informal mingling
  • Participatory magic, in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Anticipation builds, when shouts of delight are heard from other parts of the room

This is not your father's magic show. Here, your guests will see Aaron present the very best of today's mind-blowing, contemporary magic, live and in person. They'll be awed and amazed as they witness astonishing illusions of practical impossibility. Laugh with delight as they participate in dazzling psychological experiments. And share in the appreciation of an evening tailored specifically to your theme and purpose, using your company's name, logo, and VIPs. It's guaranteed to be an event unlike any other, as your guests will always remember watching a show built especially for them.

  • Participatory illusions that can fill any size ballroom or theater
  • Not only magic; an MC for your evening
  • Appropriate and sensitive to your audience
  • Dazzles your guests and makes you the star

Ready to turn your next event into something your guests will remember for a lifetime? Contact your event planner to see how Aaron can build the perfect plan for your next event.