A magician pulled a coin from my ear when I was 5 years old at a birthday party. That was the first event I ever attended, and I remember it like it was yesterday. There's a lesson in that, and although I realized it only much later, it has become the cornerstone of my all my performances: memorable magic makes an event last a lifetime.

Over the last decade, I’ve performed for clients in venues ranging from celebrity Malibu beach parties to Fortune 500 meetings. My mission is to offer you a "first-class" experience every step of the way — easy, efficient, and successful — by adapting my presentation and performances to reinforce the key messages, themes, and culture of your event: black tie or no tie, formal or hip.

As a best-selling author on expert sleight of hand, I have taught literally thousands of magicians from around the world how to perform close-up card magic; many original magical effects that I have created are now in the repertoire of top magicians all around the world.

The result? Your guests will experience real sleight-of-hand mysteries performed by one of today's only real masters working as a full-time event entertainer. And from that night on, they will tell of the evening you brought magic into their lives.

My name is Aaron Fisher; my job is to create magical events and powerful memories.